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Sales Coaching

Our sales coaching provides a highly effective approach to maximizing performance by applying sales expertise in conjunction with professional performance coaching.

Sales Coaching Program Options

On-Site Sales Coaching: This service is designed for small business to the Fortune 500 who would like on-site one on one sales coaching or group sales coaching for key members of their sales force or sales management.

Customized Sales Coaching Programs: Various other programs can be custom designed to meet your needs and goals. Please contact us if you would like to explore this option.

One on One Sales Phone Coaching Sessions: This service is for vp's of sales, sales directors, sales managers, sales team members, individual sales performers, and entrepreneurs. If you would like to take your sales to the next level and are facing an immediate sales challenge, one on one sales coaching sessions can produce rapid results. These 30 minute or 60 minute phone meetings are designed to help you with your specific sales challenges and goals.

Sales Results You Can Expect From Sales Coaching

More Clients & Faster Than you Ever Thought Possible
  • More ideal clients, more qualified clients, and better clients.
A Great Sales Process
  • A repeatable, efficient, and effective sales process that works.
Absolute Sales Confidence
  • A clear sales plan for whatever your goals may be and the sales techniques and support for great success.

Technical Sales Skills Gained From Sales Coaching

  • Sales Process Development, Prospecting, Cold Calling, Follow Up Methods
  • Qualification & Discovery, Objection Handling & Negotiation Strategy
  • Gaining Commitments From Your Prospects, Opening New Partnerships
  • Powerful Voicemails & Emails That Will Receive A Response From Prospects
  • Referral Systems To Create A Steady Stream Of Referral Clients
  • Social Media Networking Training To Attract New Clients, LinkedIn Coaching & LinkedIn Training

Intangible Sales Skills Gained From Sales Coaching

  • Networking & Rapport Building Skills, Effective Listening & Questioning
  • Leadership Development, Motivating Sales Teams and Sales Forces
  • Discipline, Focus, Time Management, Self Management, Confidence, Positive Attitude